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A very practical way to keep items protected is by keeping them in a safe.
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caja fuerte ilux design de alta seguridad y personalizable

Ilux Design safe

In a world where security and protection are essential, acquiring a safe becomes a wise and necessary choice. In Rigau, we specialize in the sale, advice and repair of safes of all kinds, offering our customers a reliable solution for storing confidential documents, valuables and important identification.

Choosing the right safe can seem complicated, but by considering a few key elements, this decision becomes simpler and more effective.

Buy your new safe

Home safes are designed to protect against theft, fire and other risks. If you are looking to protect irreplaceable items such as family photos, official documents or small valuables, a safe is an economical and easy-to-use solution.

The location of the safe is crucial. You can choose between built-in or surface models, according to your preferences and willingness to do work at home. Opt for areas with little light to keep your interior discreet.

The size of the safe will depend on what you want to protect. Assess your needs and choose accordingly to ensure adequate storage.

The security level of your new safe

Consider the security measures in your home, such as alarms and video surveillance, to determine the level of security needed for your safe.

If you plan to locate the box in a location prone to flooding or want fire protection, choose models that are water resistant or certified as fire retardant.

There are electronic and mechanical locks. The choice will depend on your preference for access speed and convenience.

caja fuerte ilux design de alta seguridad y personalizable

Discover the ILUX DESIGN safe from Rigau

In our constant search to offer high quality and designer products, we present the ILUX DESIGN line. These safes stand out for the perfect combination of quality, functionality, security and elegance. Fully customizable in finishes and accessories from the inside to the outside to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.


  • More than 20 finishes available.
  • Electronic combination with delayed opening programming.
  • Fully customizable interior.
  • Luxury finishes.
  • Variety of interior accessories, from USB chargers to automatic watch charging.
  • LED lighting controlled by optical sensors.
  • Maximum security complying with UNE EN-11-43-1 standards in grades III and IV.
If you are looking for a high-end solution that guarantees exclusivity, functionality and security, the Caixa Forta ILUX DESIGN is the perfect choice. We also have used safes to complete an offer available to all audiences.