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Designed to meet the unique demands of companies.
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In today’s competitive business world, the security of assets and documents is crucial. In response to this critical need, Rigau Group positions itself as the leading provider of reliable and specialized security solutions, focusing specifically on offering new safes designed to meet the unique demands of businesses.

From electronic locks to biometric systems and anti-drill protection, our professional safes incorporate the latest innovations in security technology. This combination of advanced features ensures that your assets are effectively protected against theft and other risks. In addition, resistance to high temperatures in the event of a fire provides an additional layer of protection for documents and valuables.

Professional safes for companies

At the core of our offering are professional safes meticulously designed for businesses. These safes are not just secure containers, they are guardians of the integrity of your business assets. Rigau Grup is committed to providing superior security solutions, offering a range of safes that meet the highest standards of quality and advanced technology.
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Protection of critical assets

Companies store a variety of critical assets, from confidential documents to sensitive electronic devices. Our safes provide an exceptional level of protection against theft, ensuring that crucial assets are out of reach of any potential threat.
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Controlled and secure access

With electronic lock systems and biometric options, our safes ensure controlled and secure access. Only those with authorization can access content, providing peace of mind in business environments where privacy and security are paramount.
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Disaster resilience

In addition to protecting against theft, our safes are designed to withstand natural disasters such as fires. Fire resistance ensures that important documents and electronic devices are safe even in the most adverse circumstances.
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Organized storage

Organization is key to any company. Our safes are designed with efficiency in mind, with custom compartments and storage options that make it easy to sort and retrieve documents and valuables.
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Regulatory Compliance

Many industries have strict regulatory requirements regarding information security and protection. Our safes are designed to meet these standards, ensuring businesses are in compliance with applicable regulations.

Rigau Grup is committed to providing superior security solutions, offering a range of safes that meet the highest standards of quality and advanced technology.

Our dedication goes beyond product delivery, extending to customized solutions backed by decades of experience and a highly capable team.

Your safe, with Rigau Group

If your company is looking for a reliable and professional security solution, Rigau Group is your ideal partner. Our business safes are more than just secure containers; they are an essential component in your company’s security strategy. Contact us today to find out how we can strengthen the security of your business, giving you the peace of mind of being backed by security experts.