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In today’s world, home and commercial security is an undisputed priority. Rigau Grup has stood out as a leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality security doors. We will focus on an essential component of their catalog: security doors, with special attention to armored doors.

Rigau Group’s types of security doors are much more than a simple physical barrier. They are the manifestation of quality, resistance and innovation in the field of residential and commercial security. Designed to protect what you value most, these doors offer unparalleled peace of mind.

Security doors for individuals and companies

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For individuals

Grade III and Grade IV security doors

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For companies

Grade IV and V doors

Armored doors

Within the Rigau Group catalog, armored doors stand out as a safer option than armored doors for those looking for more protection. These doors not only act as physical barriers, but also testify to Rigau Grup’s commitment to safety excellence. It is an option below the premium that is marked by security doors, which seek maximum protection against new forms of theft.

Security shouldn’t compromise your budget. Rigau Group is proud to offer armored doors at competitive prices, giving customers access to the highest quality without affecting their finances.

The front door is the first line of defense for any space. Rigau Grup offers security entrance doors that combine elegance and robustness, ensuring that the first impact is always in favor of security.

Anti-occupancy doors

In response to the growing concern about illegal occupation, Rigau Grup has developed anti-squatter doors that go beyond conventional solutions. Aquestes portes no només ofereixen resistència a intents d’intrusió, sinó que també incorporen tecnologies avançades per prevenir situacions indesitjades. An anti-squatter door is a door designed with a metal structure that makes it as difficult as possible for squatters or thieves to enter an uninhabited home. This structure reinforces the main entrance of the house and accompanies a security cylinder and two double bolts.

Versatility is a distinctive feature of Rigau Group security doors. With a wide range of styles and designs, we offer quality DX51D galvanized sheet metal finish according to European standard EN 10346:2015. This regulation states that the main purpose of the coating is not aesthetic, but that it seeks extra protection against the oxidation of the steel base. So, you can choose the door that perfectly suits your aesthetics and security needs, although this type of door is not recommended for regular homes. To improve aesthetics, Rigau Group recommends using a security door.

From classic models to the most modern options, Rigau Grup guarantees maximum safety without sacrificing style.

We understand that each space is unique and requires a personalized approach in terms of security. Rigau Grup adapts to the specific needs of each client, providing security solutions in various locations, from private residences to commercial spaces.
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Your security door with Rigau Group

In conclusion, Rigau Group stands as a reference in the field of security doors. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, the company remains the preferred choice for those looking to protect what matters most. Discover the difference our doors make, transforming security into an uncompromising experience.