Early detection

The Bluequotient system.

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Early detection system. BlueQuotient

BlueQuotient technology has been created for the early detection of a theft attempt, offering double protection: greater physical resistance and deterrence to prevent intrusion, and also, the detection of the attack to know the theft attempt of in advance


Duplicate garage controls

This system allows to increase the time that the thief has to use to steal from a home, and at the same time, to reduce the time of action at the scene of the crime due to the rapidity of the alarm system (12 seconds).

In addition, this system has been designed to be attached to the frame of the doors and windows, with the aim, therefore, of reducing the intervention time of the thief to a minimum before being detected.

How it works?

The flexible circuit in the form of a membrane with BlueQuotient technology can generate an alarm warning of two types:

  • By breaking one of the tracks of the flexible circuit before an attack, with a manual or electric tool.
    Or simply by the pressure on one of the buttons to be treated, for example, when leveraging a door or window.
  • Either of these two signals will act by opening or closing a contact of a detector in the alarm system. It is worth saying, however, that the membrane with BQ technology does not have any type of additional electronic system or batteries, given that it only works or closes a flexible circuit with continuity due to the integration of this signal, in the form of echo contacts in the home or business alarm system.