Doors for neighborhood communities

They are the first barrier against unwanted intruders.

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In neighborhood communities, community gates play a crucial role in the safety and protection of residents, as they are the first barrier against unwanted intruders.
A quality, resistant door with a secure closing system gives residents peace of mind knowing that their homes are protected and also minimizes breakdowns with the expense they generate.

Rigau Group community doors comply with the strictest requirements on security measures to prevent intrusions. They incorporate high security locks with uncopyable cylinders that make it difficult to open using the card and lever method. We also equip them with high-end door closers so that the door stays closed without the need for the attention of people driving by.

In addition, our doors allow you to add effective and rigorous access control, whether through mechanical cylinders, access cards or electronic keys, which allow you to regulate who enters and leaves the community and when. This system deters unauthorized persons and improves overall security. We also adapt mailboxes to doors.

Installation of security doors for communities

Installing security gates for communities is an essential step in residential peace of mind and protection for many families. With extensive experience in the security of homes and communities of neighbors, Rigau Group offers solutions as they address the specific needs of each community of neighbors.

At Rigau Grup we understand the importance of adapting security solutions to the particularities of each community. Our doors for neighborhood communities are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of resistance and durability, prioritizing functionality.

Installing security doors not only protects against unwanted intrusions, but also serves as an effective barrier against potential illegal occupations. In a context where security is paramount, our anti-squatter doors offer an additional layer of protection, ensuring residents’ peace of mind.
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