Security doors for companies

Security door systems.


Enterprise security doors are not just physical barriers, but critical elements to ensure operational integrity and protection of critical assets.

Functionality is the essence of our business security doors. At Rigau Grup, we understand that business security does not allow mistakes. Our solutions are designed to resist threats and maintain information confidentiality or asset security, thus contributing to a secure operating environment.

Security doors for business

Grade 5 doors are essential to guarantee maximum security in various businesses, such as security companies or jewelry stores, according to the European regulation UNE EN 1627. These armored doors undergo rigorous security testing, passing tests designed to simulate the most sophisticated intrusion methods.

At Rigau Grup, we understand that security is not just a necessity, but a strategic investment in business continuity. Our security doors go beyond being preventive measures; are functional components designed to resist intrusion attempts and provide a robust barrier against external threats. From resisting intrusion attempts to effectively deterring illegal occupations, our doors are protective tools designed to meet the most demanding operational demands.

In the case of businesses such as jewelery stores or lottery administrations, where security is particularly critical, grade 5 doors are essential to deter potential intruders and comply with Ministerial Orders on Private Security. These certified doors offer exceptional protection, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in a secure business environment.

Types of security doors for companies

Lottery administrations: lottery administrations, also governed by European regulations, require specific security measures. Grade 5 doors provide additional protection and reduce the risk of burglary, especially during busy periods such as the festive season.

Gas stations: Gas stations, given their nature and the constant flow of cash, need robust security solutions. Grade 5 security doors provide an effective barrier against attempted theft, providing peace of mind for both employees and customers.

Enterprise: In the enterprise environment, where asset protection is critical, Grade 5 security doors play a critical role. These doors resist intrusion attempts and act as a deterrent against illegal occupations, ensuring operational continuity and protection of corporate assets.

Hotels: Hotel security is essential to ensure the protection of guests and their belongings. Grade 5 doors offer exceptional resistance against intrusion attempts, ensuring peace of mind for customers and the integrity of properties during their stay.

Jewelry stores: Jewelry stores, by the nature of their business, are prime targets for theft. Class 5 doors offer superior protection, deterring burglars with advanced tools and experience. Complying with the UNE EN 1627 regulation, these doors have significantly reduced theft by forcing the door, providing additional security for these establishments with high value items.

Business peace of mind guarantee with Rigau Group

Security doors for Rigau Group companies are more than physical barriers; they are guarantees of functionality and comprehensive protection. Trust us to ensure the operational integrity of your business by providing functional solutions designed to withstand the challenges of today’s business environment.