Duplicate car license plates

Crucial to comply with road regulations and avoid possible fines.
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When it comes to your car’s license plates, there are times when you need a duplicate for a variety of reasons. Whether due to loss, theft or deterioration, having a duplicate license plate is crucial to comply with road regulations and avoid possible fines.

At Rigau Grup we understand the importance of this process and offer you a quick and efficient solution to obtain your duplicate car registration.

Change your car’s license plate with Rigau

Looking to change your car’s license plate? At Rigau Grup, we offer you a comprehensive service to change your vehicle’s number plate in a simple and uncomplicated way. Our team of professionals is able to carry out this process quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing the legality and quality of the new license plate.

We have a wide range of products and services related to car registrations, always guaranteeing the highest quality and compliance with current regulations. Our team of professionals will be happy to advise you and help you find the best option for your specific needs.

At Rigau Grup, we not only offer you the possibility to buy a car registration, but we also offer you the complete service to do it. Our license plate manufacturing and customization process is fast, efficient and complies with all legal regulations. Trust us to do your car registration quickly, safely and without complications.

Acrylic car license plates

At Rigau Grup, we have a strong commitment to sustainability. That’s why we offer you recycled aluminum license plates with ultra-thin optical film printed on the back. These license plates offer less waste for a better world, since aluminum reduces the environmental impact by 70%.

Rigau Group for the duplicate registration

When it comes to changing your car registration, it is essential to trust experts who guarantee the legality and quality of the process. At Rigau Grup, we have years of experience in the sector and a team of highly qualified professionals who will offer you an impeccable service that lives up to your expectations. Trust us to change your car registration quickly, safely and efficiently.

Whether you need a duplicate, change your license plate or get a new one, we’re here to help.