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With extensive experience in automotive locksmithing, Rigau Group offers high quality services with trusted specialists. Duplicating keys and remotes for Toyota Lexus vehicles is one of the specialty services that has grown the most in recent years in our automotive locksmith division. A Toyota Lexus key copy has its characteristics and how to make this duplicate has its history.

A Rigau, ens especialitzem en la fabricació de tota mena de claus per a vehicles de la marca Toyota Lexus. From older versions that require a physical key with a metal blade to start the vehicle, to more modern versions that work with proximity technology, allowing opening and starting with the key in your pocket.

How to make a Toyota Lexus key copy?

The process of duplicating a Toyota Lexus key can be crucial in several situations. At Rigau Grup, our team of automotive locksmith experts use advanced technology to make accurate copies. From original key analysis to proper programming, we offer you a complete and efficient service. An adequate result guarantees maximum comfort and functionality for our customers, two of the maxims of our business philosophy.
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Toyota Lexus car key copy

Your Toyota Lexus deserves the best, and at Rigau Grup we make sure to provide you with a key copy service that meets the standards set by the official house. We have the resources and experience to ensure that your key copy is a perfect match to your vehicle’s specifications.

We offer key replacement services in case of total loss, guaranteeing an efficient, fast and economical solution. In cases of total loss of the keys to a Toyota Lexus vehicle, going to the official dealer may involve changing all the locks and immobilizer modules, with a substantial cost of between two and three thousand euros and the duration of vehicle repair between 2 and 3 weeks.

However, in Rigau we have the technical capabilities to replicate Toyota Lexus keys without the need to replace any module. This allows us to offer a faster and more economical solution, restoring the operation of the vehicle in just 24 – 48 hours, without compromising the safety or functionality of the car.


Beyond duplicating keys, at Rigau Grup we stand out as experts in automotive locksmithing. Our commitment is to offer comprehensive solutions, including the duplication of controls and keys with advanced technology. Trust us to maintain the safety and functionality of your Toyota Lexus.

Automotive Locksmith and Rigau Group

At Rigau Grup we are committed to top quality automotive locksmith services. From key duplicates to advanced command programming.

Trust us to keep your Toyota Lexus, or any vehicle in our service catalog, safe and functional.