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The importance of restoring old safes.
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At Rigau Grup, we don’t just restore safes, we also specialize in updating old models to give them a modern and functional look. We understand that many antique safes have historical and sentimental value, and our goal is to preserve their beauty and add an extra layer of security.

The importance of restoring old safes

Antique safes are often treasures in themselves, with intricate designs and unique features. However, the passage of time can affect its operation and safety. It is important to restore these safes to maintain their integrity while ensuring they remain secure to protect your valuables.

Our restoration and updating services

At Rigau Grup we offer a wide range of antique safe restoration services that combine the preservation of classic aesthetics with modern improvements in safety and functionality. Our services include:

Aesthetic restoration: We specialize in restoring the appearance of old safes. This involves cleaning, repairing visual damage and restoring original decorative features.

Mechanical Update: We update the safe’s closing and opening mechanisms to meet current safety standards. This includes installing more modern electronic or mechanical locks, if required.

Security Reinforcement: We add additional layers of security, such as alarm systems or intruder detection, to ensure that your safe remains as secure as ever.

Functional Restoration: Our experts repair and restore all internal components to ensure the safe is functioning optimally.

Customization: If you wish, we can customize your antique safe to suit your specific needs. This may include adding internal compartments or special features.

Benefits of restoring and upgrading old safes

Restoration and upgrading of old safes offers numerous benefits:

  • Preservation of History: Keeping antique safes preserves the history and aesthetics of these unique objects.
  • Improved security: By upgrading your security mechanisms, your old safe can be just as secure as a modern one.
  • Added value: Restoration and upgrading can increase the value of your old safe.
  • Continuous protection: You can continue to use your safe to effectively protect your valuables.

The experience of Rigau Grup in safes

At Rigau Grup, our expertise in restoring and updating old safes combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies. Our team of experts will ensure that your old safe remains a treasure in both appearance and functionality. Contact us today to breathe new life into your old safe.