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At Rigau Grup, we are specialists in the installation of safes.
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At Rigau Grup, we are specialists in the installation of safes, and we offer first-class security solutions for jewelry stores, lottery administrations, gas stations, homes, companies and hotels.

Types of safes

Our mission is to ensure your assets are reliably protected, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Safes for jewelery stores

In jewelry stores, security is paramount due to the valuable nature of their products. Our safes are designed to provide maximum security. Our safe installation experts will help you choose the ideal option and put it in place professionally.

Lottery administration safe

Lottery administrations handle large sums of cash and lottery tickets. To protect these assets, our safes are a smart choice. We guarantee a safe and efficient safe installation so you can have peace of mind.

Safes for gas stations

Gas stations are risk-prone environments, so safety is of vital importance. Our safes provide a strong defense against theft and unauthorized access. Our team of experts will take care of installing the safe to ensure it works optimally.

Home safes

Home security is essential, and our home safes offer a robust solution. Not only do we help you select the most suitable safe, but we also take care of installing the safe in your home, giving you peace of mind and protection.

Safes for companies

In the business world, protecting critical assets and documents is essential. Our business safes are designed with this need in mind. The installation of safes is carried out precisely to ensure that your valuable resources are safe and accessible only to authorized people.

Safes for hotels

Hotels serve customers from all over the world and must ensure the safety of their valuables. Our hotel safes are the ideal choice for this task. We have extensive experience in installing safes in renowned hotels, providing security and peace of mind to guests.

How to install a safe?

If you’re wondering how to properly install a safe, look no further. At Rigau Grup, we have security experts who will take care of every detail, from determining the most strategic location to carrying out the installation of your safe in a precise and safe manner.
At Rigau Grup, safety is our priority. If you need a reliable and professional safe installation service, we are here to serve your needs. Our team is ready to ensure safes are installed safely and efficiently. We spare no effort to protect what matters most. Contact us today for a solid and reliable security solution.