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We are a locksmith, automotive and security locksmith company founded in 1994, with five physical stores (three in Girona, one in Figueres and another in Mataró) and formed by a team of 30 people.

Reliability, speed and comfort for customers who entrust us with their 24-hour locksmith needs in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area are the guarantees we offer. We are committed to providing the best options to meet our customers’ security needs.

The services we offer are the following:

Urgent locksmiths in Lloret de Mar

In Lloret de Mar, we offer our customers a wide range of locksmith services, which include the opening of doors, cars and safes, as well as the installation and repair of all types of locks.
We also offer maintenance services for communities, access controls, locks for tourist apartments, key copies and docks for hydraulic and electronic gates. Our customers can rest easy knowing that our emergency service is available 24 hours a day for any locksmith emergency in Lloret de Mar.

Duplicate garage controls

We have the most advanced machines for the reproduction of all types of garage controls at Rigau Group. In addition, we offer receiver installation services so that the new controls can work without problems with any type of device.

Duplicate keys

We have the best electronic machines to guarantee a wide and reliable key duplication service. We can reproduce all kinds of keys, whether from an original key or a worn one, and always with the best possible results to meet the needs of our customers.

Automotive locksmith

At Rigau Grup, we have an emergency locksmith service specializing in vehicles in Lloret de Mar. We reproduce all kinds of keys and casings for cars, as well as offer repair services for vehicle locks and keys, change of buttons and other electrical components necessary to ensure the safety of your vehicle. We are available for
attend to any vehicle locksmith emergency in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area, with the aim of offering our customers the peace of mind and security they need.

If you lose your vehicle keys, at Rigau Grup we offer a quick 24-48 hour service to replace them.

We also have repair services for the electronic components of your car or vehicle, such as dashboards, odometer displays, needles, rev counter motors and speed, gas and temperature gauges. With our quality services, you can be sure that your vehicle is in good hands.

Security and protection

At Rigau Grup, we focus on the personalized protection of our customers through the installation of security systems, armored doors and safes, as well as an emergency locksmith service available in Lloret de Mar and throughout the province.

Our cylinders, shields and other security systems provide complete protection against sophisticated theft techniques, such as bumping, impressioning and pickpocketing.

In addition, we offer early detection security systems unique in the market, which are able to detect burglary attacks and immediately alert owners, preventing theft through our door protection systems. With our security services, you can be sure that you are protected against any threat and have peace of mind at all times.

Why contact a locksmith in Lloret de Mar?

A handyman in Lloret de Mar can be of great help in situations where you need to open a locked door or change a key. You can also provide key repair services and help protect your home or business by installing high security locks. In short, a handyman in Lloret de Mar can assist you with any problem related to keys and security.

Security doors in Lloret de Mar

We are specialists in the installation and distribution of high quality ecofriendly security doors at a competitive price. We have a large display of armored doors of all kinds, both for individuals and for companies, which are also suitable for exteriors. We also have communal, anti-squatter and storage doors as a preventative security method.

Safes in Lloret de Mar

We offer a wide variety of safes for private homes, commercial establishments and industrial buildings, among others. We have a wide range of options, from standard safes to highly specialized solutions, adapted to specific sectors such as the administration of lotteries, petrol stations, companies and hotels.

Emergency locksmiths Lloret de Mar

In Rigau we have extensive experience as security specialists and locksmiths in Lloret de Mar. We are here to solve any doubt or urgency you have. If you need fast and professional assistance, count on us.

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