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Dormakaba ED100 electric springs

The dormakaba ED100 electric spring is perfect for community and office doors that prevent opening from the outside, unless with a specific key, thus increasing the security of the home or space.

Molles electriques Dormakaba ED100

The main features of the dormakaba ED100 spring are:

  • It is governed by a mechanism that is not beyond the reach of Noise.
  • Its configuration is completely customized.
  • It incorporates smoke detection.
  • It fits all doors, especially tall, heavy and air-loaded doors, up to 160 KG and between 700/1100mm of pitch, and 90 degree opening.

Regarding the automatic exterior opening options we have that:

  • Regarding the automatic exterior opening options we have that:
  • It can also be opened using a remote control or numeric keypad.
  • The door is also opened through the intercom.
    And thanks to a key switch.

On the other hand, in terms of interior opening options we have:

  • That opens thanks to the incorporation of a motion sensor.
  • It has a switch that allows opening.
  • Or manually.

From RIGAU we offer you the best solutions to improve the security of any space or home. Remember that if you want more information you can contact us or visit our showroom.