Security doors for individuals

Systems to protect our family and our property from attacks by thieves.
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At Rigau Grup with more than 30 years of experience providing all kinds of security solutions, we are specialists in the sale and installation of security doors. It is the first barrier to protect our family and our property against attacks by thieves or criminals.

At Rigau Grup, we have an assembly team specialized in the installation of security doors, a key point to guarantee the firmness and good results of these security systems. During our history we have installed more than 2,000 doors with an excellent degree of customer satisfaction and offering a guarantee of thwarted attacks of almost 100%.

Security or armored doors are designed to offer a much higher level than armored or solid doors and at a very competitive price.

Main characteristics of security doors

Reinforced steel structure

  • Internal construction with a reinforced steel structure, which with its framework of layers and layers of omegas, makes it difficult and allows you to resist attacks with levers, steel wedges, hydraulic jacks…
  • Constructive system of frame, pre-frame and door leaf that has been tested in the laboratory.

High security core

  • Closing system with internal locks that makes it difficult to attack the bolts using the lever or similar.
  • Automatic locking system in case of breakage or removal of the cylinder.
    Bolons and reinforced internal components to make all kinds of attacks more difficult.
  • Manganese plate that covers the entire lock on the outside, making it difficult to attack with electric tools such as drill, radial, etc.
  • Flared security shield, with internal steel components, which makes it difficult to remove or break it.
  • Security cylinder with restricted key copy (only authorized persons can make copies of keys) and avoids quick opening systems such as bumping, impressioning or ganssua, among others.
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Aesthetic design

  • Our doors offer endless aesthetic possibilities, as they allow us to put on an external decoration that fits the rules of the community should it be necessary. In addition, the internal part can also be adapted to the current design of the home. In case any external panel is damaged by attacks or cracks, it is not necessary to change the whole door, since replacing the affected panel is enough.

Security doors for homes

Homes require extra protection, and our security doors for homes are designed to meet this requirement. At Rigau Grup, we understand that security is not just a necessity, but an investment in long-term peace of mind.

Concern over illegal housing occupation is a growing reality. To address this challenge, we offer highly secure anti-squat doors. These doors are equipped with advanced technologies that protect and hinder any intention of illegal occupation, giving you an additional layer of protection.

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