Used approved safes

In this section you can find different models of safes that we have on offer.

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In our constant pursuit of providing affordable security solutions, we are pleased to present our used safes. Why sacrifice the protection of your valuables when you can get quality at an irresistible price?

We’ll explore the reasons why second-hand safes are a smart and cost-effective choice for securing what you value most.

Advantages of used safes

Affordability without compromise: Get the same security at a fraction of the cost. Our used safes offer a cost-effective solution without sacrificing robustness and reliability.

Variety of models available: From compact safes ideal for the home to larger options for commercial environments, our selection of used safes covers a variety of needs and requirements.

Proven durability: All our used safes go through rigorous inspections to ensure full functionality and durability.

Renew your security: Upgrade your security level without compromising your budget. Used safes allow you to improve the protection of your goods without overspending your finances.

Sustainability: Opting for used safes is also an “eco-friendly” choice by giving a second life to perfectly functional products.

Trust in every transaction

At Rigau Grup, we believe in transparency and integrity. Every used safe we ​​offer has been carefully evaluated to ensure quality and performance. With us, safety doesn’t have to be compromised because of budget.
Secure your belongings with a second-hand safe and experience the peace of mind that comes with protection at an affordable price.

Buy approved safes

When it comes to buying approved safes, at Rigau Grup we strive to make the process simple and safe. Our online platform gives you access to our full selection of used safes, with detailed descriptions and specifications to help you make the best decision.

Reasons to choose Rigau Grup for the purchase of safes:


  • Trust and Experience: With decades of experience in the security industry, we’ve earned the trust of satisfied customers. Our reputation is built on the quality and reliability of our products.
  • Secure shopping process: We guarantee a safe and secure online shopping process, giving you peace of mind knowing that your information is safe.
At Rigau Grup, we are dedicated to providing first class security solutions. Browse our selection of pre-owned certified safes and take the step towards reliable and affordable protection for your most valuable possessions.