What are the most common problems in the automotive sector?

19 Jan, 2022


Through constant innovation by automotive brands, today’s vehicles contain an enormous amount of conveniences that are controlled by one or more electrical systems.

At the same time that brands improve, so must the rest of the companies that respond to the possible and common errors that these modern electrical systems usually generate.

Currently we have been able to detect several common errors depending on which brands. Errors that usually appear over time or due to faulty installations, and by fixing them, time and money can be saved.

Mercedes-Benz problems

The most common errors of the German brand are usually related to the EZS and ELV modules of the vehicle.

The EZS is the ignition switch that controls the immobilizer system and the key recognition module, that is, the vehicle security system. The ELV is a steering lock system that is paired with the EZS and which, when we insert the ignition key, sends the unlocking information and if it is correct it allows us to start the vehicle.

Therefore, if you have a Mercedes-Benz and the key does not turn, turns but does not turn on, or turns but gives you errors, it is surely a problem related to these two modules that we have explained.

At Rigau we are specialists in its repair and we will offer you the fastest and most economical solution, since a new module is much more expensive and we can usually fix these errors without problems.

BMW and Mini problems

The FRM module is a system that is responsible for the car’s electrical functions: windows, lighting, electric mirrors, central locking, ventilation controls, etc.
The main problems that occur in BMW and Mini, related to this module, affect:

  • The main problems that occur in BMW and Mini, related to this module, affect:
  • Lighting: Interior and exterior vehicle lights that do not work or give errors.
  • Windows: do not go up and/or down correctly.
  • The module does not communicate/work.
  • Ventilation: the air conditioning and/or heating fan does not work.
  • Bad programming.
  • Vehicle battery: discharged or not making good connections.

To solve problems related to the FRM module, the options are to either replace it with a new one or repair it. From our perspective, we believe that repair is much more economical, since normally these problems once solved do not get worse and it is more profitable than investing in a new one.

Other services

To finish talking about these three brands, we also remind you that we can duplicate the keys of these vehicles.

If the car is before 2003, the keys and controls can be duplicated from the electronic control unit located above the accelerator pedal while, if it is after 2003, the duplication is for smart keys and must be done through the same vehicle.

Whether your BMW or Mini has one system or another, at Rigau we are experts in duplicating keys and controls of this brand and if you have to make an intelligent duplicate, remember that with this system there is the possibility of home delivery in case of total loss of keys.

Therefore, if you detect any problem or anomaly mentioned in this blog, contact RIGAU and we will offer you the best solution for you and your vehicle! For more information, contact Rigau to help you with locksmithing or automotive locksmithing.