Duplicate car keys and lost keys

20 Dec, 2021

Duplicat clau de

Who has not left the vehicle’s claus dins, or has they been completely lost? Or you may need to donate a copy of clau to a fine company! Doncs bé, a Rigau t’ho solucionem tot!

Having a copy of the classroom documents is a very good idea, even more so if we are confused and if we lose things or are forced to keep them. For this reason, it will always be appropriate to have a copy kept at home or somewhere safe in case one of your children misses the house, you lose them, you are a trainee or you are a Malbé fan!

The types of vehicles used today are very varied, both in form and technology, therefore, there is a copy of a type of a specific model of equipment intended to use a specific machine for that brand of vehicle. haha Each tea manufacturer has a security tip or other, using a command, an electronic card…

At Rigau, in case of loss and we solve the problem in 24 – 48H, since we are specialists in the duplication of all types of vehicle claus, we follow both xip, command, intel·ligents or card claus… even in vehicles high end! Furthermore, our technicians will be able to move the problem cap to the end and check the vehicle to be able to see the opening. and apart from the copy, we also offer other services with replacement of carcasses (more economical than with a new command), repair of interior buttons, repair of Renault cards, etc.

Contact us and do not wait any longer for a copy or duplicate of the keys or any other service provided by the automotive sawmill.