The best doors for communities

15 Mar, 2022

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The choice of doors for a community is important, since security and durability are essential factors. We tell you.

The choice of doors for a community is important, since security and durability are essential factors. We tell you.

At Rigau we install different types of doors for neighborhood communities, manufactured with a traditional line that combines the robustness of its structure, while at the same time they can be combined with elegant decorative elements such as turned bars and artistic forging.

The common technical characteristics of community door models are:

  • They have a high-end hydraulic spring
  • High security lock with electric door opener (Ohm)
  • Pins (hinges) with axial bearing
  • High security bowler hat – kaba expert
  • Coded keys – kaba keys
  • Compatible with proximity readers / Proximity key
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Non-visible welds

Materials and models

Apart from all the features, the doors can be made of iron or stainless steel.

The most common iron models are:

  • Lepanto
  • Lluçà
  • Marina
  • Rambla
  • Òptimum


Model with a current style and where customization is one more step to achieve the desired door for each space.


  • Vertical handle in stainless steel.
  • Possibility of mailboxes integrated into the community door.
Entrada porta Lepanto


Model with a current design, which presents a style of straight lines in combination with robust and elaborate profiles.


  • High quality stainless steel accessories.
  • Hinges with optimal performance.
Entrada porta Lluca


Model with a minimalist design with current and clean lines where the glass surface transforms light into the protagonist of your entrance.


  • Handles, handles and locks in stainless steel.
  • Door designed and designed to be functional.
Entrada porta Marina


Model with a modern and current grill design, which reinforces the feeling of security in your staircase without having to give up the luminosity of the interior of the lobby.


  • Excellent stainless steel accessories.
  • High-end hydraulic spring.
Entrada porta Rambla


Stainless steel profiles, with finishes of unquestionable quality and large glass surfaces, give the precise play to luminosity without forgetting security.

The most common stainless steel model is usually the optimal one.

Entrada porta Optimum

If you want to improve the security of your community and your neighborhood, you can install a security gate. Contact us!

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