The new electronic laboratory in Rigau!

7 Feb, 2020

A new area within the automotive locksmith sector, designed to offer the fastest, most correct and economical solutions to our clients.

The new electronic laboratory

Nou laboratori electronic Rigau

With great enthusiasm we undertake a new project that we are sure will give us a lot to talk about: Our new electronic laboratory!

This new area that we have incorporated into the company aims to provide a more specialized service to our clients in the manufacturing sector. automotive locksmith, always thinking about offering the most relevant, fast and economical solutions Nowadays there are few companies here in Girona that offer this highly specialized service, which is why at RIGAU we considered that it was a perfect opportunity to take a step forward.

Regarding the different services that we will cover from the electronic laboratory, we can say that they are summarized in these points:


  • The indicators do not work.
  • The vehicle’s interior and exterior lights do not work.
  • The subglasses do not work.
  • The FRM module has no communication.
  • Internal programming has been lost.
  • The vehicle battery is discharged.

It is true that the topic of electronics is very much on the agenda, that is why through the electronic laboratory we constantly innovate to provide a comprehensive service to our clients and be able to resolve all types of incidents that may arise at the moment. Often, we come across customers who tell us that their vehicle does not start for the simple fact that the key does not work, it may be, we do not say no, but of course RIGAU We go further to find the real origin of the problem and in many cases we find that it is the engine control unit that is not giving the start order correctly or that the ignition is failing.

In summary, we can say that RIGAU makes a step forward in the area of automotive locksmithing! And remember, for any electronic incident with your vehicle… RIGAU!