What is the training and who uses it?

13 Mar, 2018

Que es el mestrejament

Do you know what training is? I a clau mistress? The training of panys is the elaboration of claus (clau mestra) that allows to work more than one door. In this blog post we explain the details and all the benefits that you can bring to this system.

There are several types of training and it is always recommended to serve the most convenient one for each situation. There exists the mastery of a single class and a single family. In this case, all the panys are equal and in this way the mateixa clau els would work all. According to him, there is simple mastery, that in which different companies have their own class, but now there is a master class that they work for everyone. Finally we have the training of common zones, which corresponds to those communities, for example, in which everyone in the house can also operate different common zones of the building.

It is important to highlight that each mechanism can be used in totally different countries: parking charges, mailboxes, home charges, etc. This very useful system is mainly aimed at facilitating access to the countries of the communities of wines, companies, entities and businesses, so that at the individual level it can also be installed if necessary.

We all have the typical image of a janitor with Claus’s office, but every time it is less usual. The most common day is that a class teacher allows all common areas of a building to be opened. For example, many SMEs or large companies have a large name for offices and common areas in which some workers do not have to access. The possibility of having a private classroom that allows you to restrict access to some office areas provides privacy and better control of entry and departure from each space.

The ideal system is that the manager or a person is in charge of a teacher’s class to access all areas of the company and the workers only enter those that they pertain to their work area.

Don’t hesitate, contact us and we will advise you on which system is best suited to your needs and which other sawmill services.