What to do if your vehicle key does not work?

2 Apr, 2020

What to do if your vehicle key does not work?

Your car key has gone from being a simple accessory to being a vital element to be able to access and start your vehicle.

The headaches that can be caused by the remote control not working and not having a spare key at hand seem like a lie.

I’m sure you’ve said the phrase more than once: The car remote doesn’t work! But… have you ever wondered why it happens? Or even, how many times have you dropped your keys on the floor during the day?

How often do you take them out of your handbag, when you’re loaded or in a hurry, when you hit it accidentally…

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All of these can be sufficient reasons for your car key to stop working, causing our comfort to be disturbed by not being able to carry out the tasks we usually do.

That is why today we are explaining some reasons why your vehicle key may stop working.


1.- The car’s remote control batteries are discharged.

Batteries are the main source of energy for remote controls, and despite having a long useful life, they often discharge and can cause problems when accessing the vehicle.


2.- The transmitter or receiver is damaged.

Car controls work by exchanging signals with a receiver, and these signals range from locking the door to starting the engine.

In the event that the transmitter was damaged, it would not be able to interact properly with the vehicle’s receiver and would therefore cease to perform all these functions. These damages are quite difficult to repair, which is why it is important that if it happens, you should take it to an automotive locksmith professional such as RIGAU.


3.- The car key is synchronized.

The remote controls need a certain amount of programming to be able to perform their functions. And sometimes, the connection between the key and the vehicle is lost, which is why it is necessary to reprogram it to return to its functionality.


4.- The remote control car key is defective

We must consider that if the internal mechanics of your remote control is damaged it will not work properly. The buttons of your vehicle key are usually damaged over time, as well as the casing in question, but sometimes, replacing the casing with a new one, and repairing the interior buttons is enough to leave the remote as good as new and that it works again without the need to buy a new one.

Remember, at RIGAU we are specialists in many fields, but one of our specialties is automotive laser engraving, which is why we put all our efforts and techniques into solving all the electronic problems you may have with your vehicle.