Problems with the car lock?

5 May, 2022

Trying to start your car and the key won’t turn? It spins, but some electronic functions just don’t work properly? It could be the locksmith’s fault…

The lock is an element of maximum security, being at the same time one of the most used and most worn components of the vehicle. What if the closure didn’t work well? Possibly, the vehicle would not start; that is why it is very important that the cloister is in good condition.

For several years now, cars have been equipped with a small chip (transponder or transponder) in the keys which, when the key is inserted into the key and turned to start the vehicle, is detected by an “antenna” and in case of do not get the correct reading, the car will not start. In principle this is an anti-theft measure, but it may also not work properly and lead to this type of breakdown.

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Tot tipus de claussor

What can we do to prevent problems with claussor?

If when you try to start the car, there are no signs of a bad battery, or of any other kind, and it simply does nothing, as if you do not turn the key, then we may be facing the possibility of a failure in the electronic immobilizer. Use the spare set of keys, and if you manage to start the engine you have the source of the problem. Another possibility is that the fault is in this reader or in the locksmith, then using the second set of keys will not fix the fault.

The clasp can be damaged by the wear of the piece itself, by misuse or by force or attempted theft, which has caused the breakage of some piece and has deteriorated it.

Is the repair very expensive?

No, considering that a new claussor is worth €150 on average, the repair can be worth three times less.

Will I be without a car for many days?

In most cases we will repair it for you the same day. In case of deterioration or violation of the cylinder or lock due to attempted theft, we will solve the problem for you, either by repairing them or, in case of breakage, by replacing them with new ones that match the vehicle key.

If you detect any anomaly when trying to start your car, contact us to solve the problem.