Problems with car keys or controls

28 Mar, 2022

If you are experiencing problems with your car keys or remote control, it is important that you go to an automotive locksmith professional.

Wear to the casing or buttons on the controller, wear to the battery or some problem with the internal electronics that can cause the functions to not work correctly. That is why today we present the services that Rigau offers in automotive locksmithing, in the field of car keys and controls.


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When our car key breaks or stops working, it can often be repaired without having to invest in a new one, saving time and costs.

It must be clarified that the shell of a vehicle key is exterior plastic and that the chip and electronic circuit should continue to function without problems. Therefore, if it is the exterior part, at Rigau we carry out repairs on a wide range of housings and buttons for most vehicles and get a key with a completely new look.

A damaged or broken casing does not mean having to invest in a new remote control, so the cost is cheaper and the time invested is less.

If, on the other hand, the remote stops responding to the opening and closing commands, then it would be a problem with the interior buttons, either due to deterioration or because they are broken. If the situation is this, at Rigau we have a wide variety of remote control buttons and we offer the appropriate solution for each case.

We also make repairs to electrical circuits, chips and smart controls in case they stop working for any reason: controls that have a dead battery, controls that have been deprogrammed and need to be synchronized again, controls that actually have an internal error and even commands that have tried to be repaired by inexperienced people who have caused them greater problems.

In most cases the controls can be repaired, it does not matter if they are missing a component or have considerable damage. Renault cards are very prone to these types of errors due to the breakage of the internal welds due to impacts and careless carrying in pockets. In most cases, due to poor condition of the keypads, the internal buttons are damaged, causing the remote control to stop working correctly.

For more information contact Rigau to help you with locksmith or automotive locksmith.

If you have a Renault card, remember that during this month of March and all of April, duplicates of this type of keys have a 10% discount.

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We also leave you some questions that we have been asked in relation to vehicle controls:

“The remote works, but not all the doors open”

This case is very common and it may seem that the problem is with the control, but this is not the case, the problem is caused by the door, which does not close it. Thus, the problem is with the central locking and we recommend that you visit our automotive service so they can repair it.

“The key got wet and stopped working”

A very common problem in summer when our clients start visiting the beach, swimming pools… and some even go through the washing machine… If we realize in time we must remove the battery and let the circuit dry for a few days or dry it by hand and remove the humidity, with a little luck it will not have suffered damage and will continue to function normally, but if we have realized it too late the circuit will be sulfated and will require repair on our part. In many cases it is repairable, but unfortunately not 100%, since if it has been wet with salt water, the circuit is probably damaged due to the salt and other corrosive components.