How to avoid bumping and improve the security of your home?

7 Mar, 2023


Learn how to avoid bumping and improve the security of your home with these tips. Protect your home from possible theft and increase your peace of mind at home.

Techniques such as key copying or bumping are increasingly common among criminals who choose to break into a home. For this reason, we advise you on the best option to protect your home: a security cylinder, with an uncopyable key, and a security shield.

Any cylinder that does not have a safety shield can be removed in less than 2 minutes.

What is bumping?

Bumping is a theft method that seeks to open a door without the owner’s key and without the need to force the security lock. At first glance it seems like the perfect method, but how is it done?

The bumping method consists of inserting a manipulated key into the lock cylinder and hitting it in order to make the cylinder pistons “dance.” This causes the cylinder pistons to jump simultaneously when the key is hit, allowing the key to turn and therefore the security door to open. The Bumping technique (also known as ramping) is executed in just half a minute and does not damage the door closing system, making it difficult to see with the naked eye.

The bumping key, the basis of the system

A bumping key or bump key is the key that is inserted inside the security lock to be hit and make the cylinder pistons pop. This key is not a regular key, but a special key that fits most locks and is placed downwards to receive the strong blow with an object (usually a hammer) and open the door.

A method accessible to everyone

Bumping as a door opening technique has its origins in the work of the locksmith who uses it to open the door legally.

Today it has become one of the most dangerous theft techniques for homeowners and security systems. Typically, professional thieves use complex tools to pick security locks and penetrate the most advanced systems.

However, another phenomenon happens with bumping. The simplicity of this method makes many users try to open a door through the daquest method.

Knowing it is within anyone’s reach. There are countless videos explaining how it is done and this information in the hands of criminals is doing a lot of harm to homeowners.

How to avoid opening with the bumping method?

To the further despair of users, the bumping technique It leaves practically no evidence of its completion, at least not visible from the outside. This has caused insurers, in some cases, to not provide coverage for homes stolen using this technique, citing the lack of attack or visible breakage of the entrance or access door.

Entonces, ¿qué podemos hacer los propietarios para luchar contra esta técnica tan peligrosa? Is there a 100% effective method? A safety cylinder is the best way to fight external attacks, but first we must indicate some key factors.

Let’s start by pointing out that the same lock and therefore a security door can be more or less vulnerable to the bumping technique depending on the cylinder that is installed. There are many qualities of cylinders on the market that offer greater or lesser resistance to this technique. The other factor is time, which will depend on the type of security lock being installed.

How to avoid opening with the bumping method?

At Rigau we have a range of security cylinders and a wide range of superimposed security locks, which greatly increase the time it takes for thieves to gain access to the home. In addition, having 2 locks on the door produces a deterrent effect that makes the thief decide elsewhere.

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