Key duplication for Mercedes, BMW and MINI

18 Jan, 2021

In moments of panic, the questions we most often ask ourselves are: Where is the mobile phone? And where did I put the car keys? Today we explain why you need a duplicate of your Mercedes, BMW and Mini keys.

Key duplication for Mercedes, BMW and MINI

In the chaos of our daily lives, two of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves are: Where is my mobile phone? And my car keys? When acquiring a vehicle, we are generally provided with two keys: a main one and a spare one that could be simpler. But what happens when those keys get damaged or lost?
The importance of having a quality duplicate key cannot be understated, especially for owners of premium brands such as Mercedes, BMW and MINI. A good duplicate can save us from panic situations and guarantee access to our vehicle at all times.

BMW Clau intelligent

Duplicate keys for Mercedes

Tailored solutions for Mercedes owners
Mercedes vehicle owners know that every detail counts. At RIGAU Grup, we offer duplicate keys that not only work perfectly, but also respect the aesthetics and exclusivity of your Mercedes. From duplicate Mercedes key with chip to smart keys, we guarantee a premium quality service at a competitive price.


Key duplication for BMW and MINI

BMW and MINI experts: Fast and efficient duplicates

BMW and MINI are characterized by innovation and design. We understand that the owners of these vehicles expect a service that lives up to the brand. Whether you need a BMW key duplicate or a BMW key copy, at RIGAU Group you will find cutting-edge technology to ensure that your key works without problems, maintaining the integrity and security that your vehicle deserves. Services for MINI follow the same line of excellence and ensure accurate and functional duplicates.


Where to duplicate car keys?

Faced with the loss or deterioration of the keys, you have two main options: go to an official dealer or rely on a specialized handyman. At RIGAU Group, we offer a key duplication service for Mercedes, BMW and MINI at competitive prices and in record time, making us your best alternative to the dealership.


Exclusive Rigau Group services

We offer a wide range of services to meet all your key duplication and repair needs. From changing housings and keypads to repairing remotes, our team is equipped to handle any challenge, ensuring the highest quality results.


Your automotive locksmith specialist in Girona

RIGAU Grup is positioned as your trusted specialist in automotive locksmithing in the province of Girona, with a presence in Figueres, Girona and Mataró. If you are looking for solutions for “BMW key duplicate”, “BMW key copy”, or any related service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety in all our services.


If you have any questions, comments or incidents, do not hesitate to call RIGAU, your automotive locksmith specialist in the province of Girona and with a presence in Figueres, Mataró and Lloret de Mar.