KIT 02 – Bowler + Security Shield

IVA Inc. (371,07€ + 21% IVA)

Level R2 security pack that provides 20 minutes resistance to attacks with professional tools and using a high noise level. With long shield with manganese plate: €479.


Description of the Pack

It consists of the joint installation of an armored protective shield with ROK technology, plus a high-end security cylinder with an uncopyable key.

In addition to physical resistance against violent attacks, it protects against key copying attempts and non-violent opening methods such as “hooking”, “bumping” and “magic key”.

Even if the safety bushing is resistant, it is necessary to install a safety shield to avoid attacks with tools such as shield extractors, straight wheels, etc.


DISEC BD280 ROK shield
  • Tungsten steel protective shield and diamond widia pins.
  • Internal counter plate for installation.
  • Interior trim to hide the hardware.
  • Special stainless steel fasteners with flexibility and controlled torsion up to 2,100Kg of pressure.
  • Steel balls to prevent drilling.


KABA Expert safety pin and keys

  • Standard sized bobbin.
  • Extra LAM protection.
  • 5 keys.
  • KABA card for duplicate control.


With long shield with manganese plate: €479

Installation is included in the price.