Types of built-in safes

3 Jan, 2024

Security is a primary concern in today’s world, and choosing a walk-in safe can be key to ensuring your valuables are protected. Rigau Grup, a leader in security solutions, offers a wide range of built-in safes designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. In this blog, we will dive into the fascinating world of the different types of built-in safes that Rigau Grup has to offer.

Built-in safe

Conventional built-in safes


Conventional built-in safes are the classic and elegant choice for those looking for a discreet yet robust solution. These boxes integrate perfectly into the walls or the floor, providing an additional layer of security without compromising the design of your space. Rigau Grup offers a variety of sizes and security levels within this category, allowing customers to adapt their choice to specific needs.


Built-in safes with electronic opening system


For those looking to combine traditional security with modern technology, Rigau Group offers built-in safes with electronic opening systems. These boxes are equipped with advanced electronic locks that provide secure and easy access through customizable codes. Incorporating cutting-edge technology takes security to a new level and offers sophisticated protection for your most precious belongings.


Built-in safes with modular compartments


Organization is essential when it comes to the safety of your valuables. Rigau Grup has developed built-in safes with modular compartments, allowing users to customize the space according to specific needs. These boxes offer a versatile solution for storing and organizing objects of different sizes efficiently and safely.


Built-in fire and water proof safes


In unexpected situations such as fires or floods, comprehensive protection is essential. Rigau Grup offers fire and water proof built-in safes, designed to withstand extreme conditions and keep your documents and valuables safe even in the worst scenarios. This category of safes guarantees total peace of mind in any circumstance.


Rigau Group, security guarantee


In short, Rigau Grup offers a wide variety of types of built-in safes to meet all security needs. Whether you prefer classic elegance, modern technology, personalization or comprehensive protection, Rigau Grup has the perfect solution for you. Explore our full range of built-in safes and take the step towards strong, personalized security. At Rigau Grup, security is not just an option, it’s a guarantee!