Ideas for hiding a safe

3 Jan, 2024

Security and discretion go hand in hand when it comes to protecting your most precious possessions. Rigau Group, a leader in security solutions, understands the importance of keeping your belongings safe from prying eyes. In this blog, we will explore creative ideas for hiding a safe, taking advantage of Rigau Group’s experience and innovation in the world of security.

Where to hide a safe


Where to hide a safe


An elegant and effective way to hide a safe is to integrate it into a false wall panel. Rigau Grup offers built-in safes that are perfectly camouflaged behind decorative panels, works of art or mirrors. This option not only provides security but also adds an aesthetic touch to your space.

Closet with secret bottom


Transform your walk-in closet into a hidden safe haven. Rigau Grup offers built-in safes that can be installed at the bottom of a wardrobe. By adding a sliding shelf or a mirror that turns into a secret door, your safe will be perfectly camouflaged among your clothes and accessories.

Furniture with double bottom


Opt for functionality that deceives with a double bottom piece of furniture. Rigau Grup offers built-in safes that can be incorporated into furniture such as desks, tables or shelves. Opening a specific part of the furniture will reveal the secret compartment where the safe is located.

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false floor


Keep your belongings safe underfoot with a safe built into a false floor. Rigau Grup has models that can be installed discreetly on the floor, hidden under carpets, tiles or any other material of your choice. This option offers virtually invisible security.

Safe integrated into the office furniture


For those looking to protect documents and valuables in the work environment, Rigau Grup offers built-in safes that are easily integrated into office furniture. File cabinets, shelves or desks can become safe hiding places for your most important belongings.

Invisible security


In conclusion, creatively hiding a safe is possible thanks to Rigau Grup’s innovation in security solutions. From decorative panels to false floors, Rigau Grup offers a variety of options to suit your needs and keep your belongings safe without compromising the style of your home or office.