Built-in safes or portable safes

3 Jan, 2024

Security is a constant concern in everyday life and especially in commercial environments. Rigau Group, a leader in security solutions, offers a wide range of products designed to protect your most valuable assets. Two popular options are built-in safes and portable safes, each with their own advantages and considerations.In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between these two options to help you make the right decision based on your specific needs.

Built-in safes: discreet security


Built-in safes are an ideal choice for those looking for discreet and permanent security. These boxes are installed in the structure of a wall or on the floor, which makes them practically invisible to the naked eye. The key advantage of this option is the ability to blend perfectly into the environment, avoiding attracting unwanted attention. Rigau Grup offers a variety of built-in models that adapt to different size and security level needs.


Recessed installation not only provides an aesthetic factor, but also provides additional protection by making the safe more difficult for potential intruders to access. In addition, since it does not take up space on the surface, these boxes are ideal for smaller spaces.

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Portable safes: versatility on the go


Portable safes are the perfect choice for those who need the flexibility to move their valuables from one place to another. Rigau Grup offers a range of portable safes that combine security with mobility. These boxes are sturdy and equipped with strong handles and secure locks, making them easy to transport.


The versatility of portable safes makes them ideal for users who need quick and secure access to their belongings in different locations. They are ideal for home use, business trips or any situation where mobility is a priority.


Rigau Grup is proud to offer both options, providing tailor-made security solutions for each client. Whether you choose the understated elegance of a built-in safe or the versatility of a laptop, Rigau Group’s priority is to ensure the full protection of your most valuable assets. Contact us today to find the perfect solution to fit your security needs.

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