Repair EZS and ELV Mercedes

30 Nov, 2020

EZS Mercedes

The Mercedes ignition switch, also called EZS, is the immobilizer system, the key recognition module. In short, it is the vehicle’s security system.

Errors in this module are quite common. The main problem is that the key gets stuck, an intermittent problem that goes from less to more and is an indication that in the short term the EZS will end up being blocked.

The most common errors are: the key does not turn, the key turns but does not start, the key turns but gives flashing errors.

If you have detected any of these errors, we recommend that you come to our workshop or send us this module so that we can diagnose the error and solve it.

This module contains vehicle identification data and is usually quite expensive to replace with a new part. From Rigau Grup, in the vast majority of cases, we can repair or dump the information in a module that works correctly.

ezs mercedes

ELV Mercedes

This module is a steering lock system that is paired with the immobilizer module (EZS) and works as a complementary security system to the key.

When we insert the key into the ignition, the EVL sends the unlocking information and if it is correct, it allows us to start the vehicle.

The most common errors are: that the key turns but the EVL does not unlock (does not turn on) or the key does not turn.

If any of these errors occur, contact us, we offer a quick and economical solution.

elv mercedes