How to install a floor safe

30 Jan, 2024

Installing floor safes is a safe and discreet option to protect your most valuable possessions. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to perform the installation effectively, ensuring maximum safety with Rigau Group products.

com installar una caixa forta a terra

Why install a floor safe?

Before starting with the installation of floor safes, carefully choose the place where you will place them. Opt for an area that is easily accessible, but also provides some discretion to keep your belongings safe.


Measure the dimensions of the safe and mark the area on the floor where you will install it. Make sure you leave enough space for the door to open comfortably and avoid placing it in high traffic areas to maintain its discreet character.


Prepare the floor surface for installation. Make sure it is level and clear of any obstacles. If necessary, make adjustments to ensure proper installation.


Use the marked measurements to drill holes in the ground. Use the right tools for the surface you are working on and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation.


Place the safe in the drilled holes and secure it properly. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by Rigau Grup for proper fixing to the floor.


Adjust the position of the safe so that it is level with the floor. Make sure the door opens and closes properly and make adjustments as needed.


Once the safe is secured, fill the holes with the appropriate material to ensure a firm attachment and deter any tampering attempts.


If the floor safe has an electronic locking system, set up secure access codes. If it is locked, keep the keys in a safe place accessible only to authorized persons.


Before considering full installation, perform thorough testing of the closing system. Make sure all mechanisms are working properly and the floor safe is ready to provide maximum security. Another option to consider may be the transfer of safes to improve their security.


Security and trust with Rigau Group

Installing a floor safe is a smart decision to protect your most prized possessions. Follow these steps provided by Rigau Group to ensure a safe installation and enjoy the peace of mind of a properly installed floor safe.