How to install a camouflaged safe

30 Jan, 2024

The security of your belongings is a priority, and at Rigau Grup, we understand the importance of discretion in protecting your most valuable objects. We guide you through the steps to install a camouflaged safe, a smart solution that combines security and discretion.


Before starting with the installation of safes, you need to choose the type that best suits your environment. You can opt for models that simulate everyday objects such as books, sockets or even furniture, offering effective concealment. The transfer of camouflaged safes can also be studied to improve their security.

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Ways to install a camouflaged safe

Security lies not only in choosing the right safe, but also in strategic installation. In this section, we will address the various ways to install a camouflaged safe, an innovative option to keep your valuables protected in a discreet and efficient way.


Discover the professional techniques that Rigau Grup has to offer regarding the installation of camouflaged safes. From options that seamlessly integrate with your home’s architecture to innovative solutions for commercial environments, you’ll find the perfect combination of security and discretion.


The importance of a camouflaged safe

The choice of a camouflaged safe does not only respond to aesthetic criteria, but also contributes to general security. Rigau Grup emphasizes the importance of installing safes that go unnoticed, as this deters potential intruders and protects your belongings more effectively.


We understand that every customer has unique needs. For this reason, Rigau Grup offers customization services to adapt the installation of camouflaged safes to the specific characteristics of each environment. Whether in a residence, office or commercial establishment, we guarantee solutions that fit your particular requirements.


Your camouflaged safe with Rigau Grup

At Rigau Grup, we not only offer high quality safes, but also the experience and knowledge needed to ensure an effective and discreet installation. Discover how you can strengthen the security of your goods with our camouflage safes.