How to install a safe in a closet

31 Jan, 2024

The security of your belongings is essential, and a smart option to protect your most valuable items is to install safes, in this case, inside a closet. Rigau Grup guides you through the fundamental steps to carry out a safe and efficient installation in this discreet and strategic space.

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Steps to Install a Closet Safe

Installing safes in a closet offers a discreet and strategic option to protect your belongings. Here are the essential steps to carry out this process effectively.


Carefully select the wardrobe that best suits your needs for accessibility and discretion. Opt for a location that allows for strategic installation, while ensuring that the safe is hidden from prying eyes. The safe transfer service can also be requested to maximize the security of an existing one.


Choose the type of safe that best fits your closet, considering a built-in safe for a more discreet look or an over-the-top safe for quick and convenient access.


Reinforce the safety of the safe by choosing the option of fixing it to the floor or to the wall, depending on the structure of the cabinet. Be sure to have the necessary bolts and tools to carry out this attachment in a solid manner.


Perform careful space preparation by marking the attachment points on the cabinet and making sure the surface is level. This stage is essential to ensure the stability and safety of the safe.


Drill precise holes in the wall or floor of the cabinet, following the marked locations. Use proper tools and follow manufacturer’s specifications to ensure accurate installation.


Secure the safe in place using the anchor bolts provided. Make sure it is firmly attached and level to avoid potential problems in the future.


Perform extensive testing of the closure system after installation. Checks the correct operation of the lock, combination or electronic lock, and makes adjustments as necessary.


Your safe with Rigau Group

Installing a safe in a closet is an effective strategy to ensure the safety of your most precious possessions. Follow these steps provided by Rigau Grup and enjoy the peace of mind offered by a properly installed safe in this strategic space.