Breakdowns and maintenance of safes

22 Oct, 2020

At RIGAU, we have more than 25 years of experience in the world of security, which is why we offer our clients different types of services related to safes.

Breakdowns and maintenance of safes

Tourist accommodation, hotels, private homes, jewelry stores, companies… More and more users are investing in their safety and that of everyone around us. At RIGAU, we have more than 25 years of experience in the world of security, which is why we offer our clients different types of services related to safes.

We take care of the opening of all types of safe deposit boxes and maintenance services. It is true that there are different cases or breakdowns in which the intervention of a professional is necessary, and this is where RIGAU has the experience and capacity to solve any type of repair in a more effective and optimal way, whatever it may be.

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In what cases will we not be able to open our safe?

  • Loss of the key: it is a necessary and indispensable element to unlock the security system. In case of loss, a specialist locksmith will have to be hired to open it.
  • Key breakage: Any key can break, it is true that it will depend a lot on the type. There are mainly two types of keys, a plain one with points called a security key (this is more complicated to break, if not for once, since it is more regular and there is no element that protrudes) and a throat key, this It is usually more voluminous, longer and consists of a series of metal elements at the tip that protrude, which mark the combination of the lock. These small legs that stick out at the tip are easier to bend or break with day-to-day use.
  • Mechanical combination loss:Many times, due to the inconvenience in entering it, it is not used (it normally consists of a wheel and 3 or several configurable numbers in which this wheel has to be rotated several times to enter the password) and it is usually left fixed with a piece of tape or similar and only the key is used, when this little wheel moves, it is possible that the user will not be able to access their safe.
  • Loss of electronic combination. It is usually a number remembered by one or several people who, due to a change in management in an establishment or a generational change in the family, this number is not transferred or properly reported.
  • Failure of the mechanical combination. This mechanical combination consists of internal discs that align when the combination is introduced and allows a secure type to be inserted inside these discs and thus allow opening using the key.
  • Failure of the electronic combination: This system is much more convenient to use but often tends to break down more, whether due to wear on the numeric keypad, wear on the internal motor, or error in the communication of the external keyboard with the internal motor.
  • Failure of the external physical elements of the box: In some cases when the box is difficult to open and close, the elements are usually forced, causing them to bend or break, making opening and normal use impossible.
  • Failure of internal physical and security elements: Although the maintenance of these boxes is minimal, in some cases the closures or internal elements wear out or rust (in the end they are metal elements that move other metal elements, therefore there is a fraction and wear) this in the long run makes that they end up breaking down and making it difficult or impossible to open the safe.
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Do safes need maintenance?

At RIGAU we consider that the maintenance of your safe will depend on its usability and frequency. As well as the type or model of safe.

In the case of an electronic home safe where the use is medium low (once a week or similar) it is recommended that the batteries be changed at least once a year, although the box already warns us when the batteries are running out, these act on a motor and due to their lack of power, it prevents normal opening.

In a mechanical home safe, maintenance is minimal, and although a review every 5 years approximately would be recommended (depending on use), action only needs to be taken when one of the elements does not work correctly.

In a professional or level safe, both electronic and mechanical (it is advisable to perform annual maintenance to check and test the security elements, both physical and electronic, a breakdown in this type of safe is more complicated and complex to sort out.

In Rigau we have an exclusive vehicle and warehouse for opening and repairing safes, being a trusted technical service from brands such as: Ferrimax, Olle, Btv, arfe, Bahusa, Abus, Baussa, BTV, Burgo wachter, Cobra, Dragozanz, FAC, Fichet, Ferrimax, Gruber, Gunnebo, Hartmann, INN, Soler, Tecnoexpress, Tecnove, Olle…

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