Types of safes Which one is right for you?

30 Jan, 2024

The security of your belongings is essential, and Rigau Group stands out as an expert in security solutions. In this article, we will explore the different types of safes offered by the company, guiding you to find the most suitable option based on your needs and preferences.

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What types of safes are there?

Rigau Grup presents a wide range of safes, each designed to meet specific security needs. Below, we detail some of the types of safes you can find in our catalog, helping you understand the features of each and determine which one best suits your requirements.


Safes for jewelery stores

Jewelry stores hold high-value items, and security is crucial. Rigau Grup presents safes for jewelry stores, designed with cutting-edge technology to guarantee maximum protection of precious pieces.


Lottery administration safe

In the lottery administration sector, the security of tickets and funds is critical. Rigau Group offers high security solutions with safes for lottery administration.


Safes for gas stations

In high-risk environments such as gas stations, security is paramount to withstand adverse conditions and protect financial assets in fuel environments. We offer high security gas station safes.


Safes for homes

Homes require efficient security solutions. Rigau Grup offers safes for the home that integrate discreetly into the home environment, providing protection without compromising the aesthetics of the home.


Safes for companies

Security of business assets is essential with business safes. Rigau Grup provides safes adapted to business needs, ensuring the protection of important documents, electronic devices and other valuables in the corporate environment.


Safes for hotels

In the hospitality industry, the security of guests’ valuables is a key responsibility. Rigau Grup offers security solutions with safes for hotels that combine functionality and elegance, providing peace of mind to visitors.


Find the perfect safe with Rigau Grup

At Rigau Group we are proud to offer a wide variety of home safes to suit the specific needs of each customer. We’ll help you find the perfect safe that fits your business and security needs.