Access control for card doors

In today’s business world, security is an undisputed priority.
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In today’s business world, security is an undisputed priority. Whether in businesses, offices, factories or communities, having an effective and automated access control becomes essential. In this sense, Rigau Grup is an expert in locksmith service and offers a cutting-edge solution with the access control kit for card doors, which provides a safe and convenient way to manage access to any space.

Total security for your home

Rigau Group card access control for doors offers a complete security system for your home. Using state-of-the-art integrated circuit technology, the system ensures that all data is protected, even in power failure situations. This feature provides peace of mind and security, knowing that the home is protected at all times.

Versatility of access

One of the most prominent advantages of this system is its versatility of access. Users can use proximity cards, passwords, or a combination of both to open the door. This means that even if you forget to bring your access card, you can open the door with a password. The flexibility of the system makes it an ideal solution for various environments and needs.

Remote control and convenience

Remote control is another outstanding aspect of the Rigau Group system. Divided into a receiver and a transmitter, the receiver is connected to the access control power supply, while the transmitter is used for remote unlocking. This function allows the door to be unlocked without the need to physically open it, which provides more comfort and efficiency for users. In addition, the ability to connect to the terminal adds an additional level of convenience when controlling access from any location.

Variety of unlocking methods

With the option to connect multiple unlock buttons to the access control console, there are multiple ways to open the door. This enhances the visitor experience by providing multiple options for entering the space. The doorbell keeps the host informed of the presence of a visitor, improving security and access control.

Rigau Group and access control for card doors

The access control kit for card doors from Rigau Group represents a complete and reliable solution to ensure security and access control in various environments.

With its advanced features and focus on security, this system is perfectly suited for businesses, offices, factories and communities, as well as home security. Providing versatility, comfort and control, Rigau Group maintains its commitment to technological innovation and customer satisfaction.

Trust Rigau Group to keep your spaces safe and secure with the access control kit for card doors.