Key mastery

At Rigau Grup, we offer you a specialized key mastering service that gives you maximum security and efficiency in the management of your accesses.
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What is key mastering?

Key management is a versatile and effective system that simplifies the control of your accesses. It allows you to open different accesses and deny them according to your needs, offering security and convenience.

Key mastering or locking plan is a simple, economical and secure solution that unifies all keys into one. It allows you to define access according to each user’s permissions, including user keys, master and submaster keys. Each of these keys serves a specific function.


In addition, in the Rigau Group’s wide catalog of locksmith services, we offer lock mastering, a modality that equates all accesses with a single key, regardless of hierarchies or permissions. This option is ideal when looking for universal and simplified access for users.

An ideal mastery combines safety and savings. At Rigau, we focus on providing both key aspects:

High security

We guarantee that our system is not vulnerable. The quality of the cylinder, the key and the internal management protocol are essential for optimal security.


By implementing a locking plan from the start, you’ll avoid the initial investment in locks. In case of damage to a cylinder, only the inner rotor needs to be changed, avoiding the creation of new keys.

Experience and guarantee in mastering

We have a solid track record in key mastering and lock mastering management, supported by numerous success stories in implementing effective systems.

Our systems are highly accurate and reliable, with the ability to withstand up to one million opening cycles in the most advanced range. This ensures optimal operation over time.

We use the highest quality components, including pythons and internal systems, to ensure the reliability and security of your logins.

We comply with Vds 2344 and EN1303 mastering certifications, demonstrating our commitment to the most rigorous quality standards in the security industry.

In addition, we implement rigorous key control and registration procedures, ensuring accurate and secure access management.

Rigau Group: get to know us and protect your safety

At Rigau Grup, we are security specialists and offer coverage throughout the province of Girona. You can always count on our specialists when you need them. Your safety is our priority.

If you want to get more information about key management or know the prices, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you find the perfect security solution for your needs, including key mastering pricing.