Locks for tourist apartments

At Rigau Grup, we understand the importance of security in tourist apartments.
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Pany amb codi

Our commitment is to offer locks for holiday apartments that provide the peace of mind and protection your properties deserve. Our locksmith service is a commitment to safety and reliability.

Code locks for apartments

Our code locks for apartments are the perfect solution for secure and convenient access management. This advanced system allows you to grant access to your guests simply and without the need for physical keys.

Enhanced security

With unique codes for each guest, you ensure that only authorized people have access to your property.


Forget key deliveries and worries about loss. Codes can be set and disabled remotely.

Access registration

Keep a complete record of who enters and leaves your holiday apartments at all times.

Smart locks for tourist apartments

Our smart locks for holiday apartments take security and access management to the next level. These locks offer additional features including:

Remote control

Access and manage your apartment locks from anywhere using a mobile app.

Internet connection

These locks are connected to the internet, giving you full control and real-time access.

Secure communication

Smart lock systems use secure communication protocols to protect your data and property.

At Rigau Group, we are proud to offer high quality security and convenience solutions for tourist apartments. With coverage throughout the province of Girona, our experts are always available to provide you with the best service. Guarantee the satisfaction of your guests and the protection of your properties with Rigau Group solutions.