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Improving the security of your holiday apartments is very simple.

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At Rigau Grup, we understand the importance of safety and comfort in the management of tourist apartments. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions for tourist apartments specifically designed to ensure the peace of mind of the owners and the satisfaction of the guests. Explore how our locksmith service can improve the experience in your holiday apartments.

Locks for tourist apartments

Locks for holiday apartments are the first line of defense for any property. Our lock solutions are specifically designed to provide security and ease of access.

Experience and guarantee in mastering

We have a solid track record in key mastering and lock mastering management, supported by numerous success stories in implementing effective systems.

Our systems are highly accurate and reliable, with the ability to withstand up to one million opening cycles in the most advanced range. This ensures optimal operation over time.

We use the highest quality components, including pythons and internal systems, to ensure the reliability and security of your logins.

We comply with Vds 2344 and EN1303 mastering certifications, demonstrating our commitment to the most rigorous quality standards in the security industry.

In addition, we implement rigorous key control and registration procedures, ensuring accurate and secure access management.

Smart locks for tourist apartments

Our smart lock system for holiday apartments is an advanced solution that allows owners and managers to manage access remotely. With the ability to open doors through mobile devices or transponders; this technology is a perfect choice for tourist apartments. Administrators can grant access instantly by registering a Google Account. In addition, no internet connection or power supply is required, which ensures reliable operation at all times.

Code locks for apartments

Our code lock system for apartments offers a convenient and secure access option. Just like smart locks, administrators can provide instant remote access through a Google account. This solution is ideal for tourist apartments, and just like our smart locks, it does not depend on the internet or electricity.

Locks with temporary code

For even greater flexibility, we present DSMART GUEST KEY, a solution that allows you to enable a lock with a temporary code from anywhere in the world. There is no longer a need to physically hand over keys to guests. You can manage reservations directly from the website, setting the days and times of access to the apartment. This system is highly secure, with a 20-digit activation code that enables a four-digit PIN for the selected period. The PIN is automatically canceled after the reservation date. In addition, it works with an encrypted algorithm system, eliminating the need for external wireless communications, modems or SIM cards.


Alarms for apartments

In addition to locks, our solutions include apartment alarms designed to ensure complete property security. Keep your apartments protected with our state-of-the-art alarms that provide total peace of mind.

At Rigau Group, we are proud to offer high quality security and convenience solutions for tourist apartments. With coverage throughout the province of Girona, our experts are always available to provide you with the best service. Guarantee the satisfaction of your guests and the protection of your properties with Rigau Group solutions.