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Have you ever wondered how to efficiently control entry and exit access to a space?
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At Rigau Grup, we are experts in locksmith services. For this reason, we offer specialized access control solutions that will allow you to manage and limit the flow of people according to previously established schedules and dates.

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Access control for doors

At Rigau Grup, as an official technical service, we provide advanced access control systems for doors. Our devices, such as keys, proximity cards or fingerprints, are unique and unrepeatable, assigning each person their own personalized access. This guarantees that only those individuals within the established time and date parameters can open the accesses, while access is denied when they are outside these parameters.

In addition, our system logs all opening attempts along with relevant information for each person, such as date of entry and exit, time and reason for access restriction.

We also offer the flexibility to make changes to established restrictions, such as changing schedules or registering and unregistering users, without the need to change the locks.

At Rigau Grup, we focus on providing the best way to professionalize access to your company.

Specialized access control and benefits

At Rigau Grup we are experts in access control systems. We are specialists in offering solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each company. Our access control services allow you to:
  • Open work center access doors: Eliminates the need to use keys, especially in situations where employees have night shifts or when no staff is available to open the door. This avoids interruptions to the working day and improves productivity.
  • Prevent intruders from entering and increase security: In businesses with a high flow of people, it is essential to control who can enter and exit the premises to ensure security and protect company assets. Our access control systems allow access only to authorized personnel.
  • Demarcate restricted areas within the work center: In many companies, it is necessary to restrict access to certain areas, such as areas with hazardous materials or confidential information. Our access control systems allow you to define permissions and restrict access to specific areas to ensure the security and protection of sensitive resources.
  • Increase control over employee entry and exit: Unlike attendance controls that simply record entry and exit, our access control systems require employees to identify themselves to open doors. This provides greater control and avoids problems associated with employees forgetting or refusing to identify themselves.

Rigau Group at the forefront of locksmithing

At Rigau Grup, we are proud to offer quality access control solutions that guarantee the security and protection of your company.

If you are looking to professionalize access to your company and improve security, trust Rigau Grup.

Contact us for more information about our specialist access control solutions for doors.