Security doors for storage

Metal door frame reinforced recommended to be installed in storage rooms or storage areas that require a minimum level of security.


  • Galvanized steel frame with 15/10 reinforced in the area of the lock
  • Double leaf exterior and interior with armor of galvanized 8/10, with horizontal and transverse reinforcements forming a structure highly resistant to attack
  • Additional galvanized sheet 8/10 to reinforce the exposed side of the door
  • Aluminum profiles with chrome leaf weatherstrip to increase tightness
  • 3 steel bolts constructed and regulated through a Eurosegur own wedges and welding systems
  • Lock cylinder Securemme very high security and resistance to hole (CLASE 7 UNE-EN 12209)
  • Protective cylinder diameter of 46 very high resistance to forcible (GRADO 4 UNE-EN 1906)
  • Cylinder with 10 pythons system with  5 keys + 1 key installation
  • Game satin nickel handles and internal keyway


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