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Portes de Grau IV i V

Series 5.0, best in home protection and business.

It offers a high resistance to attack to install where critical risk levels of theft.

Attempts to robbery with a critical level of risk are carried out by organized gangs engaged in a career of crime, using tools of all kinds with expertise and are willing to take any risk by investing time and noise necessary and even use violence against people to achieve success in attempted robbery.

To overcome these panic situations, it is essential to install a door with CLASS 5 Burglar resistance but also provides high protection of the locking points which are most vulnerable to attack.

Technical characteristics:

  • Steel frame
  • Double exterior / interior shield
  • Aluminum profiles
  • 5 hinges
  • Edge reinforcements
  • High security lock
  • Manganese 2 mm sheet
  • 2 double beds front locks
  • Windbreakers

Key features:

  • Resistance to burglary CLASS 5 and ballistic BR2.
  • Guaranteed by the requirements of CE Marking.
  • Meets AENOR quality.
  • Resistance to repeated openings and closings of 200,000 cycles
  • Cataloged with resistance to air CLASS 3.
  • Billed resistance to wind loading CLASS C4.

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  • Certified armored door Serie 5.0

    Certified armored door Serie 5.0