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Rigau Group is a distributor of some of the most efficient and secure brands and models in terms of access control through strategic alliances. Salto locks stand out for their elegant design, ease of installation and cutting-edge technology.

They do not require complex wiring, making them an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications, from homes to large businesses.

Salto electronic lock

The Salto electronic lock is a reference in the access control market. These locks allow users to open doors with a variety of secure credentials and mobile technologies. They are designed to fit most standard doors and work with most Scandinavian, European and ANSI closers as well as tubular deadbolts.

Salto locks are perfect for co-working spaces, hospitals, universities and large companies with multiple locations. They offer an effective solution for any door where robust and reliable access control is required. In addition, their cable-free installation makes them ideal for renovation projects where extensive wiring would be costly or impractical.

One of the salient features of Salto electronic locks is their ability to integrate with different authentication technologies, including RFID, NFC and Bluetooth LE. This means that they can be used with proximity cards, smartphones and other smart devices, providing incomparable flexibility for users.

Main features of Salto locks

Salto locks stand out for a series of features that place them at the forefront of access control:

  • Card Access Control: Allows users to access using RFID cards, providing a contactless access experience. This technology is ideal for environments where a high level of security and efficiency is required.
  • Fingerprint access control: Integrates biometric technology for an additional level of security. Fingerprint access control ensures that only authorized people can access, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized use of cards or codes.
  • Access control with code: Users can enter using a PIN, eliminating the need for physical keys. This option is particularly useful in environments where fast and easy-to-manage access methods are preferred.
  • Remote door opening: With Salto’s JustIN Mobile technology, it is possible to open doors using a smartphone, providing convenience and flexibility. This functionality is perfect for managing access in real-time, allowing administrators to grant or revoke access permissions instantly.

Salto locks offer significant advantages over traditional lock systems, including increased convenience, enhanced security, and the ability to integrate with other security systems and smart devices in the building. In addition, they allow you to track access history and customize access levels and methods according to specific needs.

Other notable features include the ability to set time-based access permissions, allowing for efficient management of temporary access for visitors or maintenance personnel. The locks are also compatible with the Salto SVN (Salto Virtual Network) system, which provides a completely wireless network of smart locks, facilitating the management and maintenance of access systems.

Rigau Group and the Salto locks

Within the Rigau Group catalog, the Salto lock is a comprehensive solution that combines design, technology and functionality to meet the demands of access control in various environments. Salto offers a secure and convenient access experience tailored to the needs of the modern world.

Salto locks not only improve security, but also simplify access management, making the administration of any facility more efficient and effective.

Access control

Our access control system offers a comprehensive solution to protect your home or business.

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of accesses

Fingerprint access control

For additional security, our locks integrate fingerprint access control systems, providing an extra layer of protection.

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with imprint

Access control with code

The access control option with code ensures that only those with knowledge of the code can access it.

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access with code

Remote door opening

Our access control system offers a comprehensive solution to protect your home or business.

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door opening

Card access control

They offer card access control systems guaranteeing fast and secure access for authorized personnel.

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with card