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Rigau Group is a distributor of some of the most efficient and secure brands and models in terms of access control through strategic alliances. Below we present the CILINDRE INN electronic lock, an advanced solution that guarantees maximum security for your home or business.

This innovative INN key smart cylinder combines state-of-the-art technology with a robust design, ideal for those looking for efficient and secure access control.

Each cylinder comes with an ownership card which ensures that only authorized copies can be made, complying with the INN KEY CONTROL protocol to ensure the safety of the owner.

Electronic lock CYLINDER INN

The INN key smart cylinder is a very high security European profile cylinder, certified according to EN 1303:2005, maximum grade. It offers comprehensive protection against tampering techniques and violent attacks, including anti-extraction, anti-bumping, anti-printing, anti-snapping and anti-topolin features.

This cylinder is compatible with europerfil locks and DISEC security shields, INN LOCKS and SAG or Redecon security bolts. You can choose between cam (short or long), knob (normal or comfort) and clutch (single or double) configurations, adapting to metal, armored or armored doors. Available in gold and silver colors, this cylinder adapts to specific security and aesthetic needs.

Main characteristics of INN safety cylinder

The INN key smart cylinder includes 5 security keys with customizable colored clips. The keys, patented until 2036, are made of trovalized alpaca and plated in nickel silver to prevent corrosion. Equipped with active technology, they interact with the cylinder to verify its originality, preventing techniques such as bumping and other manipulations.

This cylinder supports advanced access control systems, such as card access control, fingerprint access control and code access control. In addition, it offers the option of remote door opening, providing flexibility and additional security for users.

The INN key smart cylinder is designed to withstand heavy use. Internal components of high resistance and minimal tolerance of milling ensure a long useful life. With up to 8 anti-bumping locks and 23 control components, this cylinder offers more than 1 million encodings for individualized access keys, thus ensuring maximum security.

Rigau Grup and the smart lock CILINDRE INN

Rigau Grup has a distribution agreement with CILINDRE INN. Discover our security packs that combine the INN key smart cylinder with DISEC security shields, providing a complete solution for the protection of your home or business.

For more information about the INN key smart cylinder and our security solutions, contact us at Rigau Grup. We are here to help you find the best protection for your needs.

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