The art of locks


Locksmithing involves knowing many systems of locks and closures and also be aware of many techniques to know the needs of our customers. On many occasions, the user doesn't know the importance of locks, a good system or the relevance of a good locksmith service, because this discipline involves the safety and protection of people, the home and the vehicle.

Today people do not worry enough about the new security systems so that they are not given the importance they have. However, thieves seek the weak point of the home or cars and increasingly have more techniques and knowledge to commit the theft either by making a duplicate key or forcing the lock.

In this context, we must bear in mind that we are approaching one of the high robbery seasons, since, when the summer begins, and with it, the holiday season, when masses and vacant dwellings take advantage of commit a robbery

That's why we have to have the best professionals and techniques to ensure our safety. So, what do we offer to get ahead of the robberies?

  • Placement of locks: We have a wide variety of locks for all types of doors. Either glass door, wooden door or metal shutter. We install anti-panic, biometric locks, with timer, with combiner, with armored doors, etc. We adapt to all types of material offering the desired service. We also advise according to what the user exposes us to always guarantee maximum security. A good lock guarantees that in the future the intruders can not access our property.

  • Communities: We offer services to the communities, for example, systems against birds, sale and installation of mailboxes, exclusive keys, trainings, parking keys, concierge etc. Within the community it is important that the security system be taken into account, since it not only involves a family or a tenant, but extrapolates to more people.

  • Access controls: It is a comprehensive planned system that limits the entry of people within a schedule and dates in certain units. We can adapt this system to different needs. In this system, each device is unique and unrepeatable, since it is associated with a single access. Entry with a card or fingerprint would be examples.

  • 24-hour service 365 days a year: We have a 24-hour service where we can come to help the user who requests it within the province of Girona, whatever the emergency is. In this way, we guarantee the security and confidence of the users.

Our goal is that our client can have control of the situation at all times and not have to worry about their belongings.